About us

Czarnecki Pawel was established in 1980. It was founded by Paweł Czarnecki who is still a major resource for the company with his expertise and training skills. We are located in Nice and our headquarters are based in Kamieniec, Poland.

Over the years we have gained extensive expertise in the production of machine and hand crafted pieces, to include bespoke windows, doors, stairs, shutters, flooring and other elements of woodwork industry.

Our master craftsmen utilise many types of wood to ensure you achieve your desired design without compromising on quality and durability.

We have grown extensively over the years and now have more than 40 employees who are all trained and accredited to the Chamber of Crafts. Our reputation has spread quickly in France for two reasons, the quality of our raw materials, which are hard to source outside of Poland and our attention to detail.

Along with traditional carpentry skills passed down over the years "from father to son" with have a state of the art facility with professional machines, dryers and paint shop ensuring we can successfully undertake any carpentry work here or overseas.

We provide professional services to private and commercial clientele throughout Europe and our testimonials speak for themselves.

Our products are certified to CE.

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CZARNECKI PAWEL - Wood Master Craftsmen
Kręta Street 9
64-061 Kamieniec

Mobile phone: +33 627 052 415

E-mail: kontakt@stolarstwo-czarnecki.pl

Our products are certified to CE